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  1. Molecular and Transgenic Tools Platform

    The Molecular and Transgenic Tools (MTT) Platform performs complex animal and tissue transgenic and gene editing projects by providing researchers with support in Molecular Biology techniques, from basic services such as the production of competent bacterial cells or primer design, to complex clonings of knock-out and knock-in constructs to be delivered into cells/tissues or embryos of model animals such as zebrafish, fly or mouse. It works in close collaboration with the animal platforms managing full projects from the conceptual design to the transgenic/mutant animal delivery.
    The MTT Platform also encompasses a Vector Production (VP) service to support research by producing viral vectors widely used in either established or newly developing techniques. It also aspires to introduce viral vectors as a gene delivery tool into new research areas.
    It acts as a hub of shared resources and expertise for the entire institutional and national research communities by achieving cost-minimizing objectives by avoiding duplication of reagents, equipment and personnel.

Latest Publications

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