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  1. Cortical Circuits

    The neocortex plays a key role in sensory perception and higher cognitive functions. Unraveling how this seemingly simple sheet of neurons allows so many complex behaviors is one of the great challenges of neuroscience. Our overall goal is to understand the neural computations underlying cortical function. We approach this question by a combination of novel in vivo and in vitro methods to study the structure and function of cortical circuits. Using optical and electrophysiological techniques in brain slices we study the wiring diagram of cortical circuits. We also measure the activity of the same circuits in head-fixed behaving animals using two-photon imaging. This combined approach allows us to understand both the computations implemented by cortical circuits as well as how they emerge from the underlying neuronal network. Using this approach, we are studying how sensory stimuli are combined with internal models of the world to generate percepts in mouse visual cortex.

    Channelrhodopsin-2-assisted circuit mapping

Key publications