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  1. Social Neuro Endocrinology

    We are interested in understanding the neuroendocrine mechanisms of social behaviour and how the social environment may feedback on the neuroendocrine system. In particular we are interested in the role of hormones as key physiological mediators underlying social plasticity.

    Please check Oliveira’s Lab page here.

Key publications

  • Gonçalves D, Costa SS, Teles MC, Silva H, Inglês M, Oliveira RF. (2014) Oestradiol and prostaglandin F2? regulate sexual displays in females of a sex-role reversed fish. Proc. Biol. Sci. 281 (178), 1471-2954
  • Soares MC, Oliveira RF, Ros AFH, Grutter AS and Bshary R (2011) Tactile stimulation lowers stress in fish. Nat Commun 2
  • Soares MC, Côté IM, Cardoso SC, Oliveira RF, Bshary R (2010) Caribbean cleaning gobies prefer client ectoparasites over mucus. Ethology 116 , 1244-1248
  • Gonçalves DM, Saraiva JL, Teles M, Teodósio R, Canário AVM, Oliveira RF (2010) Brain aromatase mRNA expression in two populations of the peacock blenny Salaria pavo with divergent mating systems. Horm Behav 57 , 155-161
  • Oliveira RF (2009) Social behavior in context: hormonal modulation of behavioral plasticity and social competence. Integr. Comp. Biol. 49 , 423-440
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