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  1. Direction Support Team

    The Direction Support Team acts as executive arm of the Research Directors, receiving, delegating and implementing direct instructions from the Research Direction Team. The team meets with the Directors on a weekly basis, for updates on the daily life of CR and any pressing matters or roadblocks. This team also serves as a primary contact point for any problem-solving needs within CR, being able to advise on the resources available to the CR community. The Direction Support team is composed of the Executive Coordinator, the Operations Manager and the Financial Manager.

    ~ Executive Coordinator
    The Executive Coordinator facilitates all communications between the CRSU and the Faculty and Directors. This role is responsible for conveying information and coordinating the execution of the decisions of the Faculty and Directors, as well as reporting on the feedback. The Executive Coordinator also plays a support role for the Units, troubleshooting major challenges and blocks, compiling and sharing information among the Units.

    ~ Operations Manager
    This role is responsible for the communication and coordination of work needed with the Maintenance department of the Foundation as well as Security issues. The OP also deals with equipment setup and management, new labs setup, management of spaces and safety coordination with safety officers. In interaction with the Directors, the Operations Manager is also responsible for the development and implementation of policies and practices.

    ~ Financial Manager
    The Financial Manager is responsible for advising the labs on financial matters, whether when designing their annual budget or when managing it. This role also supports the Lab Admins in specific activities, with any challenges or blocks, facilitating the communication with the CF’s Financial Dept. The Financial Manager is also responsible for the management of larger, department-wide funding, as well as the coordination of post-award (Office for Sponsored Programmes).