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  1. Henriques RN, Jespersen SN, Shemesh N. (2019) Microscopic anisotropy misestimation in spherical-mean single diffusion encoding MRI. Magn Reson Med

  2. Darmohray DM, Jacobs JR, Marques HG, Carey MR (2019) Spatial and Temporal Locomotor Learning in Mouse Cerebellum Neuron

  3. Ferreira, BV; Lucio, P; Neves, M; Parreira, A; Costa-Silva, B; Joao, C (2018) Characterization of Circulating and Bone Marrow Derived Exosomes in Multiple Myeloma Patients

  4. Ianus, Andrada; Jespersen, Sune N.; Duarte, Teresa Serradas; Alexander, Daniel C.; Drobnjak, Ivana; Shemesh, Noam (2018) Accurate estimation of microscopic diffusion anisotropy and its time dependence in the mouse brain NeuroImage

  5. Camacho, Marta; Almeida, Silvia; Moura, Ana Rita; Fernandes, Ana B.; Ribeiro, Gabriela; da Silva, Joaquim Alves; Bernardo Barahona-Correa, J.; Oliveira-Maia, Albino J. (2018) Hypomania Symptoms Across Psychiatric Disorders: Screening Use of the Hypomania Check-List 32 at Admission to an Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic

  6. Heras, Francisco J. H.; Vahasoyrinki, Mikko; Niven, Jeremy E. (2018) Modulation of voltage-dependent K+ conductances in photoreceptors trades off investment in contrast gain for bandwidth PLoS Comput. Biol.

  7. Fernandes, Joao Miguel; Cajao, Rute; Lopes, Ricardo; Jeronimo, Rita; Bernardo Barahona-Correa, J. (2018) Social Cognition in Schizophrenia and Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Direct Comparisons

  8. Nicholson, Elizabeth; Kuzmin, Dmitry A.; Leite, Marco; Akam, Thomas E.; Kullmann, Dimitri Michael (2018) Analogue closed-loop optogenetic modulation of hippocampal pyramidal cells dissociates gamma frequency and amplitude eLife

  9. Jouary, Adrien; Machens, Christian K. (2018) A living display system Nature

  10. Travado, Luzia; Reis, Joaquim C.; Costa, Durval; Sousa, Berta; Almeida, Pedro; Antoni, Michael; Domingos, Ana; Seixas, Elsa; Maia, Albino; Castanheira, Joana (2018) Distress, brain metabolism, and inflammatory processes: A study with metastatic breast cancer patients

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