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  1. Inês Santiago, João Santinha, Andrada Ianus, Antonio Galzerano, Rita Theias, Joana Maia, Maria Joao Barata, Nuno Loução, Bruno Costa-Silva, Antonio Beltran, Celso Matos and Noam Shemesh (2019) Susceptibility perturbation MRI (SPI) maps tumor infiltration into mesorectal lymph nodes Can Res

  2. Rodriguez-Ruiz, Claudia; Munoz-Reyes, Jose Antonio; Iglesias-Julios, Marta; Sanchez-Pages, Santiago; Turiegano, Enrique (2019) Sex Affects the Relationship Between Third Party Punishment and Cooperation Sci Rep

  3. Soares, Maria V.; Azevedo, Rita I.; Ferreira, Ines A.; Bucar, Sara; Ribeiro, Ana C.; Vieira, Ana; Pereira, Paulo N. G.; Ribeiro, Ruy M.; Ligeiro, Dario; Alho, Ana C.; Soares, Antonio S.; Camacho, Nadia; Martins, Carlos; Lourenco, Fernanda; Moreno, Raul; R (2019) Naive and Stem Cell Memory T Cell Subset Recovery Reveals Opposing Reconstitution Patterns in CD4 and CD8 T Cells in Chronic Graft vs. Host Disease

  4. Akam, Thomas; Walton, Mark E. (2019) pyPhotometry: Open source Python based hardware and software for fiber photometry data acquisition Sci Rep

  5. Costa, RM; Oliveira, G; Pestana, J; Costa, D; Oliveira, RF (2019) Do Psychosocial Factors Moderate the Relation between Testosterone and Female Sexual Desire? The Role of Interoception, Alexithymia, Defense Mechanisms, and Relationship Status

  6. Rigato J, Rennie SM, Mainen ZF (2019) The overlooked ubiquity of first-person experience in the cognitive sciences Synthese

  7. Romero-Ferrero, Francisco; Bergomi, Mattia G.; Hinz, Robert C.; Heras, Francisco J. H.; de Polavieja, Gonzalo G. (2019) idtracker.ai: tracking all individuals in small or large collectives of unmarked animals Nat. Methods

  8. Jacob, Pedro F.; Hedwig, Berthold (2019) Structure, Activity and Function of a Singing CPG Interneuron Controlling Cricket Species-Specific Acoustic Signaling J. Neurosci.

  9. Clemens AM, Lenschow C, Beed P, Li L, Sammons R, Naumann RK, Wang H, Schmitz D, Brecht M (2019) Estrus-Cycle Regulation of Cortical Inhibition Curr. Biol.

  10. Jespersen SN, Olesen JL, Ianus A, Shemesh N. (2019) Effects of nongaussian diffusion on "isotropic diffusion" measurements: An ex-vivo microimaging and simulation study J Magn Reson

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