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Ruth Diez del Corral

  1. Ruth Diez del Corral, PhD
    Research Associate

  2. Dr Diez del Corral received her BSc degree in Molecular Biology at the Universidad Autómoma de Madrid (Spain) in 1992. For her PhD, she joined Dr Juan Modolell´s group at the CSIC (Spain) to work on Drosophila development. In 1998, she moved to Dr Kate Storey laboratory (University of Oxford and University of Dundee, UK) to work on neurogenesis and specification of neuronal subtypes using the chick as a model system. She contributed to the identification of crucial functions of the FGF and retinoic acid signalling pathways in the control the progressive differentiation of the developing spinal cord. During 2003, she was associated to the Mathematics Department (Dundee) to use mathematical modelling approaches to understand gene regulatory networks and signalling pathway integration. In 2004, she moved to the Cajal Institute (CSIC, Madrid) where she had the opportunity to join efforts with Dr Aixa Morales to develop their projects on the integration of signalling pathways and transcription factors during neural development. She joined Champalimaud Research in 2015 to work on the development of neuronal circuits in zebrafish, in collaboration with the Orger and de Polavieja groups.

Key publications