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Miguel Gaspar

  1. Miguel Gaspar
    2014 INDP PhD Student

  2. I am a Biologist, fresh out of my Masters in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology. Although Evo-Devo is one of my areas of interest, I nurture great interest in several other areas, such as Neurobiology, Regenerative Biology and Ecophysiology. I also have a passion about every aspect of Arthropod biology - be it behaviour, physiology, functional anatomy or taxonomic identification. Being at the beginning of my career as a scientist, I can not boast of any achievements (yet!), but for the time being, there is nothing I enjoy more than learning new stuff! I hope to be able to contribute to the ever growing body of knowledge of Science, with my own discoveries and, at the same time, keep quenching the thirst for discovery that constantly assails the minds of our profession.