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Adam Kampff

  1. Adam Kampff, PhD
    Adjunct Investigator

  2. Adam Kampff was born and raised in a small town south of Buffalo, NY. He played American football and once convinced his Grandparents to buy him a laser. He studied astrophysics at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA and spent many hours at the observatory, where he worked the overnight shift at a radio telescope and thought about the brain. Adam stayed at Harvard for his PhD in neuroscience, during which he designed and built the laser scanning microscopes that he needed to investigate neural circuits that control the visual behavior of fish. After graduating in 2009 and receiving a postdoctoral fellowship from the Harvard's Mind, Brain and Behavior program, Adam set out to clarify how the mammalian brain controls and learns motor behaviors. In 2011, Adam moved to Lisbon to start his own laboratory at the Champaliamud Centre for the Unknown. His lab utilizes new technologies, from many different fields, to develop novel experimental tools and paradigms for investigating how the brain constructs a model of the world.

Key publications