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Rui Oliveira

  1. Rui Oliveira, PhD
    Adjunct Investigator


  2. Rui Oliveira (born 22.02.1966), Ph.D. 1996 (University of Lisbon), Associate Professor in Biological Sciences 2001 (ISPA, Lisboa), Full Professor in Behavioural Biology 2007 (ISPA, Lisbon). During the last years he has been involved in research within the field of Behavioural Neuroendocrinology and Animal Communication. Main fields of interests are (1) the social modulation of hormones, brain and behaviour in vertebrates, (2) the neuroendocrine correlates of alternative mating tactics in teleost fish, and (3) fish cognition and welfare. He has experience in teaching (Biological Psychology and Neuroscience and Behaviour courses to Psychology undergraduate students and advanced neuroscience and behaviour topics for the INDP PhD Programme at IGC), supervising, refereeing and evaluation of scientific research (e.g. member of the EU experts panel for the evaluation of research proposals under the Framework Programmes, reviewer for NSF Programs in Neuroendocrinology and in Animal Behavior). He is currently the Director of the Post-Graduate Program in Psychobiology at ISPA, and the PI of the Animal Behaviour Group at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC). He is the coordinator of four ongoing research grants at the national level and participates in two international research networks. He also serves as Vice-President of ISPA’s Scientific Council, President of the Portuguese Ethological Society (SPE), Associate Editor of the journal Hormones and Behavior (Elsevier) and Chief-Editor of the journal Acta Ethologica (Springer-Verlag). He has published over 130 original papers in international peer-reviewed journals.

Key publications

  • Gonçalves D, Costa SS, Teles MC, Silva H, Inglês M, Oliveira RF. (2014) Oestradiol and prostaglandin F2? regulate sexual displays in females of a sex-role reversed fish. Proc. Biol. Sci. 281 (178), 1471-2954
  • Soares MC, Oliveira RF, Ros AFH, Grutter AS and Bshary R (2011) Tactile stimulation lowers stress in fish. Nat Commun 2
  • Soares MC, Côté IM, Cardoso SC, Oliveira RF, Bshary R (2010) Caribbean cleaning gobies prefer client ectoparasites over mucus. Ethology 116 , 1244-1248
  • Gonçalves DM, Saraiva JL, Teles M, Teodósio R, Canário AVM, Oliveira RF (2010) Brain aromatase mRNA expression in two populations of the peacock blenny Salaria pavo with divergent mating systems. Horm Behav 57 , 155-161
  • Oliveira RF (2009) Social behavior in context: hormonal modulation of behavioral plasticity and social competence. Integr. Comp. Biol. 49 , 423-440
  • Antunes RA and OliveiraRF (2009) Hormonal anticipation of territorial challenges in cichlid fish. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 106 , 15985-15989