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  1. Life of PI: The young woman who decided she could – and would – do science for a living


    Behavior allows us to study a problem at several levels, and this is attractive because, ultimately, it is rewarding to see the whole picture. – Luísa Vasconcelos


  2. Serotonin speeds learning


    The study found that serotonin enhances the speed of learning. When serotonin neurons were activated artificially, using light, it made mice quicker to adapt their behavior in a situation that required such flexibility. Zach Mainen


  3. Science Snapshot: Microbial Mind Control


    Short video featuring one of the most recent discoveries by the Behaviour & Metabolism lab.


  4. Life of PI: In search of the rules that govern the social life of living cells


    For me, [cell competition] was just natural selection at work inside the organism. – Eduardo Moreno


  5. Researcher from the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown elected EMBO member


    Among this year’s new members, there is just one scientist working in Portugal – and he is at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown.


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