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  1. Scientists discover a social cue of safety


    Are you in danger? Looking at how others behave is one of the ways social animals, such as humans, find the answer. Even though the existence of social cues of danger is well known, no social cues of safety have been identified until just now.


  2. Sex, Flies and Videotape


    CR researchers discover key behaviour that triggers the transition from courtship to mating in fruit flies.


  3. Zita Santos and Carlos Ribeiro receive the prestigious GCRLE Pilot Award


    The prestigious Global Consortium for Reproductive Longevity and Equality (GCRLE) Pilot Award was granted to Zita Santos and Carlos Ribeiro.


  4. The 2019 CR Annual Report Is Now Online!



  5. Roadmap for linking neurological and locomotor deficits


    Highly-detailed “locomotor signatures” of mouse models of neurological disease provide a novel way of mapping locomotion disorders onto their underlying neural circuits.


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