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  1. Virtual mega-laboratory is assembled to probe the brain’s deepest secrets


    The use of identical experimental procedures will eliminate the differences that normally hinder replication of data across laboratories. In this way, we will be able to pool data as if it were a single giant experiment, even though it is in fact distributed between two continents. – Zachary Mainen


  2. Eugenia Chiappe receives European Research Council grant


    Eugenia Chiappe, principal investigator of the Sensorimotor Integration Lab, is one of the five scientists in Portugal who have been awarded this year a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC).


  3. Scientists discover the "adrenaline" of the immune system


    Nobody could have imagined that the nervous system coordinates, commands and controls the immune response throughout the whole organism. It’s one of the fastest and most powerful immune reactions we have ever seen. – Henrique Veiga-Fernandes


  4. Hidden deep in the brain, a map that guides animals’ movements


    From the ears to the toes and everything in between, every move the body makes is determined by a unique pattern of brain-cell activity, but until now, and using the map analogy, we only had some pieces of information (...). This study was like looking at this map for the first time. – Rui Costa


  5. Zebrafish larvae could be used as “avatars” for the personalized treatment of cancer


    I was always very frustrated about the fact although we have so much technology, we can put people on the moon etc., if someone has a tumor we still don’t know which drug is best for that specific tumor. – Rita Fior


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