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  1. Pinning down how the brain predicts the consequences of choices


    Scientists at the Neurobiology of Action lab pin down a brain area crucial for model-based learning and demonstrate how its activity encodes multiple aspects of the decision-making process.


  2. Rethinking the link between cannabinoids and learning


    New study by the Neural Circuits & Behaviour lab reveals an unexpected culprit for the effects of cannabinoids and learning – behavioural state.


  3. Fundamentals of Medicine Course


    The Champalimaud Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Algarve (UAlg), launched the “Fundamentals of Medicine Course” targeting Champalimaud Research Scientists.


  4. How Does the Brain Explore?


    New mouse study reveals brain cells that identify familiar locations


  5. Henrique Veiga-Fernandes awarded prestigious la-Caixa Grant


    His project aims to unravel pulmonary neuro-immune circuits during infection


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