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ProjectAr take 01: Out of our seats and into the streets

  1. 30.10.2019

    Richard Vevers, a toilet paper salesman, decides that he’s had enough. He packs his bags and travels across the world to Australia, where he reinvents himself as an underwater photographer. All is well in the beginning, but before long, he starts realizing that something is not quite right. On each diving expedition, he comes across fewer and fewer of his favorite marine animals, and the vibrant colors of the corals seem to be fading away, leaving behind bright, white rocks.

    Vevers’ story and the deeper issue it reflects — climate change — were the focus of an event organized by the newly formed ProjectAr | Watch-Talk-Act initiative last month.

    Read the full story here.

    Chasing Coral
    Illustration credit: Diogo Matias.

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