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Zach Mainen, life-long member of the EMBO

  1. 1.9.2010


    EMBO Members are the basis for the organisation’s international reputation and our most valuable asset,” said Maria Leptin, EMBO Director. “We welcome this year?s group of exceptional scientists and look forward to their fresh input and ideas to advance the life sciences.”

    Each year, the EMBO membership nominates and elects new members based on scientific excellence. Forty-nine from this year?s election work in countries across Europe and become EMBO Members. Fourteen of those elected work in the United States, Japan and Taiwan and are honoured as EMBO Associate Members. International mobility has been key for many ofthe new members and associate members as they progressed in their scientific careers, fostering innovative and collaborative research globally. The 63 scientists represent a broad cross-section of research covering classical areas of molecular biology as well as rapidly developing fields such as systems biology, neuroscience and cancer biology. Many of them bridge across a number of fields, from biology to medicine, biochemistry or biophysics. Twelve female researchers are recognised this year.

    By their involvement with the organisation?s activities, the selected researchers will help shape the direction of the life sciences in Europe. More than half of the EMBO Members contribute by serving on advisory editorial boards of the organization?s four scientific journals, mentoring young researchers, providing expertise to EMBO programmes and taking the lead on new initiatives. Members also nominate candidates for the annual EMBO Gold Medal award.


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