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20 + 20: discussing research, science and innovation

  1. 23.12.2014

    As part of an editorial project called Project 20 + 20, Portuguese journal Expresso joins the field of research and innovation with the business sector in a focused event.

    In this event, Expresso joined 20 scientists, including CNP principal investigator, Carlos Ribeiro, and 20 company representatives to discuss how the European framework program of funding for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, for the period 2014-2020, can help research and business.

    Discussions took place over dinner at the beautiful Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, in Lisbon, Portugal. The conclusions were presented later on that evening at the TV show Expresso da Meia Noite. This show included Carlos Moedas (Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation), Carlos Ribeiro (CNP Principal investigator), Luis Portela (President of Bial), Maria Mota (Molecular Medicine Institute Principal Investigator), João Bento ( EFACEC CEO and President of COTEC) – watch here .

    Read full ceverage here .

Latest Publications

  • Rao-Ruiz, Priyanka; Couey, Jonathan J.; Marcelo, Ivo M.; Bouwkamp, Christian G.; Slump, Denise E.; Matos, Mariana R.; van der Loo, Rolinka J.; Martins, Gabriela J.; van den Hout, Mirjam; van IJcken, Wilfred F.; Costa, Rui M.; van den Oever, Michel C.; Kus (2019) Engram-specific transcriptome profiling of contextual memory consolidation Nat Commun
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  • Riahi, Human; Brekelmans, Carlijn; Foriel, Sarah; Merkling, Sarah H.; Lyons, Taylor A.; Itskov, Pavel M.; Kleefstra, Tjitske; Ribeiro, Carlos; van Rij, Ronald P.; Kramer, Jamie M.; Schenck, Annette (2019) The histone methyltransferase G9a regulates tolerance to oxidative stress-induced energy consumption PLoS Biol.
  • Inês Santiago, João Santinha, Andrada Ianus, Antonio Galzerano, Rita Theias, Joana Maia, Maria Joao Barata, Nuno Loução, Bruno Costa-Silva, Antonio Beltran, Celso Matos and Noam Shemesh (2019) Susceptibility perturbation MRI (SPI) maps tumor infiltration into mesorectal lymph nodes Can Res
  • Rodriguez-Ruiz, Claudia; Munoz-Reyes, Jose Antonio; Iglesias-Julios, Marta; Sanchez-Pages, Santiago; Turiegano, Enrique (2019) Sex Affects the Relationship Between Third Party Punishment and Cooperation Sci Rep