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Um Passo pela Igualdade – A Step for Equality

  1. 30.10.2014

    Máxima Magazine recruited CNP principal investigators to take a step for equality while wearing high heels.

    Um Passo pela Igualdade (A Step for Equality), by Máxima Magazine is a campaign aimed to call attention to problems related to inequality between the sexes. One hundred men in Portugal – scientists, politicians, musicians, actors – put on high heels and talk about what they feel are the problems and the solutions.

    Many CNP PIs participated in this campaign: Alfonso Renart, Carlos Ribeiro, Chrsitian Machens, Gonzalo de Polavieja, Joe Paton, Leopoldo Petreanu, Michael Orger, Rui Costa and CNP director, Zachary Mainen. Read here what they said.

    Um Passo pela Igualdade – A Step for Equality

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