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One, Two Many Brains

  1. 9.10.2014

    CNP workshop explores what can two or many brains do that one cannot.

    Last September, CNP Principal investigators Gonzalo de Polavieja, Susana Lima and Christian Machens, organised a workshop titled '1, 2 Many Brains .’ This workshop brought together international researchers who study the cognitive capacities of single brains with those who study social interactions. By contrasting research on single brains with research on two or many interacting brains, the meeting highlighted cognitive capabilities that emerge through social interactions – says Susana Lima.

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    One of the goals we aimed to realise in the design of the meeting was diversity. For one, we invited researchers that represented different disciplines including Psychology, Ecology, Sociology and Neuroscience. In addition, the researchers presented work that was done in different animal models such as ants, sheep, zebrafish, mice and humans – says Gonzalo de Polavieja. It provided a stimulating framework that provoked researchers to think of their work within a larger context that included the differences between animal models and systems, and between natural and lab conditions.

    The meeting was structured as a series of talks, with plenty of time between and after talks dedicated to informal interaction – says Christian Machens. These periods of relaxed discussion led to interesting exchanges and we are looking forward to continue in a similar spirit at the 4th Champalimaud Neuroscience Symposium next September.

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