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CNP meets CCB

  1. 11.9.2014

    Raízes da Curiosidade– Roots of Curiosity: Coming up this November!

    A project designed by CNP researchers and coordinated by the Cultural Centre of Belem (CCB) results in a performance that explores the meeting point between art and science.

    This project began in January of 2012, with an Ar Event dedicated to creativity. The event featured two talks, one by an artist – Vik Moniz and the other by a scientist – Rui Costa, where each presented their unique view on the process of creativity. For the three organisers of the event – Patrícia Correia, Ana Rita Fonseca and Samuel Meyler – this was the first step in this journey.

    Raízes da Curiosidade– Roots of Curiosity: Coming up this November. Image by Ana Rita Fonseca

    Patrícia Correia tells about those days – At the time, the three of us had many brainstorming sessions on topics like the neurobiology of creativity and how scientists also need to be creative in their work and the fact that this is often less acknowledged. We also wondered about the connection between artists and scientists and questioned how alike would they be in their methodologies and drives.

    Serendipitously, soon after that Ar event, the CCB released a call for projects that address the connection between art and science. The three friends applied to the call with a proposal and it was accepted.

    According to the proposal, 5 pairs of scientists – artists were brought together to construct an artistic representation of a scientific question. This pairing aimed to construct a novel understanding of curiosity. We believe that both artists and scientists have a particularly strong drive to understand reality by manipulating and recreating it, so we think we can understand a little bit better what is curiosity by seeing these two groups working together. Samuel Meyler explains. The group decided to focus on the field of neuroscience, which led them to select five neuroscientists – Gil Costa, Maria Vicente, Alex Gomez-Marin, Ana Pereira and Thiago Gouvêa.

    The project culminates in a performance where all five pairs present their work. Each pair has chosen a different medium to communicate the results of their mutual experience. According to Samuel Meyler – The performance integrates both the scientific- artistic products resultant from the pairs work and aspects of their creative journey. The approaches used are writing, music, theatre, visual arts and dance.

    The team has great aspirations from this project. As Ana Rita Fonseca describes – We hope to see accomplishment on three different levels. The first is for us, as conceptual directors of the project, to glimpse into what could be the “roots of curiosity” through the creative process of the pairs. The second is about the artists and the scientists. We hope that they feel compelled to experience and experiment different methodologies for manipulating and recreating reality. Eventually, we hope that they will bring them back to their work, as a way to enrich both paths. And finally there is the public. We hope that people feel simultaneously wonder and emotion with science and beauty and reasoning with art.

    The pairs are currently rehearsing for the performance, which will open this November. Associated workshops will take place at the CCB in November-December and a conference is planned to happen at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in January, 2015. Find out more information about the performance and associated workshops below.

    Performance Information | Ticketline | Workshops Information

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