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Mapping the Unknown

  1. 13.8.2014

    In the recent Ar | Respire Connoso event – Mapping the Unknown, three different aspects of how theories help us to understand reality were explored: Historical – Giacomo Rizzolatti spoke about the idea of “Mirror Neurons”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_neurons; Theoretical – Zachary Mainen discussed how more or less expansive theories contribute to the mapping of knowledge; Experiential – Alan Prohm and Poshu Wang directed the audience in embodying the process of making meaning out of direct observations.

    CCU Auditorium

    Ever curious creatures, humans have been exploring the Earth since the beginnings of civilization. As we charted known territories, we also pondered what lay in the lands beyond. Our best guesses made it into stories, paintings, and maps. But have these predictions helped us discover more? What is their role? Science is also a process of exploration. Curiosity about the world around us lead us to experiment and discover new facts. Scientists take what we know and theorize about the implications for the world beyond our immediate scope. What does mapping the unknown contribute to our journey for knowledge?

    From the introduction to the event

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