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How we danced…

  1. 15.5.2014

    Ar | Respire Connosco celebrates the completion of DançAr – its very first 3-part Programme.

    This endeavour was the outcome of the collaborative teamwork of Ar and the vision of three members of Ar and the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme – Sara Matias, Gustavo Mello and Rita Venturini.

    The great thing about having a Programme, instead of a single event, is the ability to explore the same subject from different perspectives – says Gustavo Mello. In this programme, we explored dance and its relationship with science, beginning with the basics of how movement is generated, to how we use movement to communicate, to how the brain can construct new actions by exercising creativity and imagination.

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    Another innovation of this programme was the addition of satellite workshops that were held earlier on the day of the event. In total, there were 10 workshops, attended by over 250 people. Says Sara Matias. It was also really nice to bring people to dance in the Foundation she adds, it felt like the connection with the public was strengthened by the dance workshops. The different workshops included, among others, Argentinian Tango, Capoeira, Contact Improvisation, Lindy Hop and African Dances.

    For me, says Rita Venturini, the best thing about the programme was working together with the two other organisers, the speakers and our collaborators. This allowed us to deepen the level of our conversation and exploration in a way that enriched the programme greatly. Sara Matias adds – yes, it was a perfect example of teamwork, which was demanding and challenging. I would say that this Programme expanded my perspective on dance immensely. I found out new ways of looking at dance that I had never thought about, and even the ones I already knew were deepened. – she concludes.

    Watch here an interview with Sara Matias about dancing and the brain on SIC.

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