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DançAr: First Ar | Respire connosco Programme!

  1. 27.3.2014

    Ar | Respire connosco is getting ready for DançAr: Dancing In The Brain. This exciting programme includes three events and several workshops, bringing together Dance and Neuroscience at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown. Check out the programme teaser.

    Why dance?
    Why would anything/anybody dance?
    Why do humans dance?
    Why do I dance?

    All the questions above can have many different answers. Science is now showing that dancing can help us reduce stress, fight the negative effects of aging and overcome trauma. Yet, each individual dancer will most likely have a different, idiosyncratic explanation for why they dance.

    DançAr Poster

    On April 5th, Diving Into Dance, the first event of this programme will be at the Champalimaud Foundation Auditorium at 9pm. During the day, three workshops will take place at 11am, 3pm and 5pm. To find out more about this event registration and workshops registrations, visit Ar | Respire connosco website.

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