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  1. Follow your gut: Newly identified digestive-brain axis controls food choice


    We may try to consciously make good food choices, but our bodies have their own way of weighing in. A new study reveals a learning mechanism orchestrated by the digestive and nervous systems that leads animals to actively seek out certain foods. These results are a step towards understanding how eating-related disorders, such as obesity, occur.


  2. Six "la Caixa" Foundation Junior Leadership awarded to CCU, IGC and ITQB researchers


    “la Caixa” Foundation Junior Leadership call, an internationally competitive call aiming to attract and maintain internationally competitive researchers of any nationality to Portugal and Spain.


  3. MRI method provides unprecedented insight into the brain’s wiring network


    A novel MRI method can measure the size of the microscopic cables that connect brain cells.


  4. Mice “detectives” hint at how humans read between the lines


    How does the brain piece together clues to reveal hidden information? A new study by the System Neuroscience lab hints towards an answer.


  5. Science Snapshot: Fighting Depression with Magnetic Stimulation


    Short video about the implementation of a procedure called TMS – used for treatment of drug-resistant depression – at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown.


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