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  1. Henrique Veiga-Fernandes awarded prestigious la-Caixa Grant


    His project aims to unravel pulmonary neuro-immune circuits during infection


  2. Social experiences impact zebrafish from an early age


    A collaborative study by the Vision and Action lab and the Collective Behaviour lab demonstrates that early social experiences have an effect on the behaviour of zebrafish even at an age when they are still not considered “social”.


  3. Albino Oliveira-Maia Receives ERC Starting Grant


    The grant will support his work on the neurobiology of food choice.


  4. Sex cells have a sweet tooth, and they pass it on to the brain


    New study by the Behaviour & Metabolism lab reveals that a small group of sex cells instruct a fundamental behavioural change in the female fruit fly – developing a sweet tooth.


  5. Stronger together in the microbiome


    New research paper by the Behaviour & Metabolism lab shows how gut microbes feed each other to overcome dietary deficiencies, change host behaviour, and improve reproduction!


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