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  1. SmellTracker


    Online Smell-Test Can Help Detect COVID-19 Cases and Map Their Spread


  2. Adriana Sanchéz Danés Receives Prize from Maratona da Saúde


    The award will support her work in the field of cancer


  3. Megan Carey and Rui Costa join Simons-Emory International Consortium on Motor Control


    The Simons Foundation awarded scientists from Emory University and their collaborators $2.5 million to develop new tools to study how the brain controls behavior in vertebrates.


  4. Searching for the commonalities and the differences between pediatric and adult cancers


    Interview with Adriana Sánchez Danés – the newest member of the research faculty at Champalimaud.


  5. An optimal decision-making strategy emerges from non-stop learning


    Unexpected results bring into question which decision-making strategies should be considered as optimal.


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