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Kathleen Rockland

  1. Date: January 31, 2020. 11:00
    Location: CCU Classroom

    Title: Modularity and microcircuitry of cortical layer 1: discussion

    Affiliation: Boston University


    Afferent input modularity to layer 4 and cellular modularity (“cell islands”) in layer 2 are well recognized features of different cortical areas in different species. By contrast, with a few exceptions, layer 1 has been regarded as a rather diffuse neuropil of distal apical dendrites and scattered inhibitory interneuron populations.However, recent results in visual cortex of rat (N. Ichinohe et al., 2003) and mouse(Burkhalter lab: W. Ji et al., 2015; R. D’Souza et al., 2019) reveal an intricate spatial comingling of distal apical dendrites and PV+ inhibitory terminations, with an alternating, patchy arrangement of inputs. In mouse, these can be related to patches of high or low M2 muscarinic receptors, which in turn align with cell clusters in subjacent layers that are preferentially tuned for high spatial or high temporal frequency. How general are these results and what do they say about cortical organization?

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  2. Host:

    Leopoldo Petreanu