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Claudia Clopath

  1. Date: May 23, 2017. 12:00
    Location: CCU Seminar Room

    Title: Modelling synaptic plasticity in neural circuits.

    Affiliation: Imperial College London, UK.


    Learning is thought to change the connections between the neurons in the brain, a process called synaptic plasticity. Using mathematical and computational tools, we model synaptic plasticity across different time scales that reproduces experimental findings. We then study the role of synaptic plasticity, by constructing networks of artificial neurons with plastic synapses.
    In my talk, I will be describing our ongoing work on modelling synaptic plasticity in two different systems: refinement of auditory ON/OFF responses and hippocampal neuromodulation dependent learning.

    Lab website

  2. Hosts:

    Alfonso Renart

    Christian Machens