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European Neuroscience Conference by Doctoral Students (ENCODS 2015)

  1. Date: April 23 - 26, 2015
    Location: Sesimbra, Portugal

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    The conference is primarily for PhD students from European neuroscience institutions, but open to PhD students from other places as well. The programme is designed to provide an essential support to any doctoral training. We combine a strong scientific program with a high proportion of distinguished keynote speakers and a focus on science “soft skills” such as writing and presentation. We will work on developing these skills through talks, workshops and interactive activities.

    Keynote speakers

    ENCODS 2015 will feature keynote speakers who have shown excellence in combining subfields of neuroscience in their own research. This year’s keynote speakers are:

    Emery Brown, MIT
    Arzu Celik, Bogazici
    Oliver Griesbeck, MPI Neurobiology
    Verena Hafner, Humboldt
    Richard Hahnloser, ETH Zuerich
    Hauke Heekeren, Charité
    Susana Lima, Champalimaud
    Soojin Ryu, MPI Medical Research

    Registration ends January 8, 2015.

    ENCODS 2015

  2. Hosts:

    Ali Özgür Argunsah

    Marina Fridman

    Simone Lackner