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Lars Chittka

  1. Date: January 31, 2014. 19:00
    Location: CCU Auditorium

    Lars Chittka

    Chittka Lab, School of Biological & Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London

    Alternate realities: how insects perceive the world

    Insects live in sensory worlds that are, in many ways, wholly alien to us humans. They can see ultraviolet and polarised light, and some can sense the earth’s magnetic field and see in the infrared. Many insects have sense organs in strange places – for example some can taste with their feet, hear with their legs or see with their genitalia. These observations are healthy reminders that the world we see is not the real or the physical world, but that instead what we perceive is a result of the particular filters that we have acquired in our evolutionary past. Different animals have different sense organs because different aspects of the environment are of relevance during their daily lives. The exploration of such strange sensory worlds as those as insects thus provides a testbed for exploring how evolution shapes perception.

    Entrance is free and subject to availability.
    There will be no seat reservations, they will be given on a first come first serve basis.

    About the SeminAr
    The SeminAr is a different format of events from those that Ar frequently hosts. The Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme receives regularly visiting scientists from all over the world to interact with the researchers from the institute. Everytime the situation is favorable we will host a small scale event, during which one of these scientists will present their work to the general public. These events generally consist of just one talk preceded by a small introduction.

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