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David Robbe

  1. Date: December 06, 2013. 12:00
    Location: CCU Seminar Room

    Mediterranean Institute for Neurobiology (INMED), Marseille, France

    Fine tuning of motor sequence kinematic by the sensorimotor striatum

    Behaviour is controlled through a two-step process of action selection and execution. The striatum islargely believed to contribute to action selection, however, when actions must be executed with precise kinematic parameters (timing, speed, ...), its specific function is unclear. In this lecture I will present neuronal and behavioral data from rats perfroming a well learned motor sequence with precise trajectory, running speed and timing of accelerations. I will argue that our results a specific function of the sensorimotor striatum is to specifically constraint the kinematic parameters of well-learned motor sequences.

  2. Host:

    Alfonso Renart