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  1. 2014

    June 22 - 27, 2014
    Workshop - The Versatile Action of Noise: Applications from Genetic to Neural Circuits
    Advanced methods from statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics allow for predicting the action of noise on excitable media like neural systems, extinction events in various populations and noise-induced rare events.
    Location: Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
    website here
  2. June 15 - July 12, 2014
    Neurotechnologies for Analysis of Neural Dynamics
    This course is designed to introduce physicists, mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists to the major questions and techniques of modern neuroscience. Course Application Deadline: May 1, 2014.
    Location: Princeton University, USA.
    website here
  3. June 07 - 14, 2014
    Causal neuroscience: from synaptic plasticity to adaptive behavior
    This Course will be focused on understanding how drug-evoked synaptic plasticity in several brain areas reshapes circuit function and drives drug-adaptive behavior. (Organised by the Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies.)
    Location: Tuscany, Italy
    website here
  4. June 05 - 10, 2014
    Spitsbergen 2014: Neural Networks in the Arctic
    The programme will focus on neural coding mechanisms in a variety of systems and species.
    Location: Longyearbyen, on the island of Spitsbergen at 79 degrees North.
    website here
  5. April 20 - 23, 2014
    Controlling Neurons Circuits and Behaviour
    This meeting is part of a new series of a bi-annual Brain Conferences organised by FENS in partnership with The Brain Prize.
    Location: Rungstedgaard, Copenhagen, Denmark
    website here
  6. April 08 - 12, 2014
    Soelden - International Neuroscience Winter Conference
    15th International Neuroscience Winter Conference on contemporary neuroscience.
    Location: Sölden, Austria
    website here
  7. March 14 - April 06, 2014
    Robotics, Brain and Cognition
    Applications open for the doctoral programme RBCog – Robotics, Brain and Cognition
    Location: Instituto Superior Técnico
    website here
  8. March 10 - 22, 2014
    4th Latin American School for Education, Cognitive and Neural Sciences
    The stated objective of LASchool is to build bridges between disciplines, with the purpose of fostering science-based innovations in all areas of Education.
    Location: Punta del Este, Uruguay
    website here
  9. 2013

    November 21 - 23, 2013
    15th EMBL PhD Symposium
    Competition in Biology - The Race for Survival from Molecules to Systems
    Location: Heidelberg, Germany
    website here
  10. October 22 - 23, 2013
    Computational Psychiatry 2013
    Computational Psychiatry 2013 brings a two-day event, the first a didactic CME day with tutorials and a round table and the second day focused on leading edge research from speakers from around the globe and from many intellectual traditions.
    Location: Miami, Florida
    website here

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