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Fabrizio Gabbiani

  1. Date: November 29, 2018. 12:00
    Location: CCU Seminar Room

    Title: Neural Computations and Biophysics of Collision Avoidance

    Affiliation: Baylor College of Medicine, USA


    Visually-guided collision avoidance behaviors are far from being stereotypical reflexes as originally thought. Their significance reaches beyond neurobiology as attested by the increasing interest in autonomous robot navigation. In the visual domain, collision avoidance requires intricate neural computations to extract the visual signature of an impending collision, to achieve invariance with respect to irrelevant features of a colliding object, and to factor out other nuisances of visual scenes. This talk will review the neural computations underlying collision avoidance behaviors and their biophysical implementation with a particular focus on the visual system of insects where these topics are arguably best understood.

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  2. Host:

    Eugenia Chiappe