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Marcelo Dietrich

  1. Date: September 21, 2015. 12:00
    Location: CCU Seminar Room

    Title: Primitive hypothalamic circuits controlling behaviors.

    Affiliation: Yale School of Medicine, USA.


    The nervous system evolved to coordinate flexible goal-directed behaviors by integrating interoceptive and sensory information. Hypothalamic Agrp neurons are known to be crucial for feeding behavior. Here, however, I will discuss that these neurons also orchestrate other complex behaviors in adult mice. Activation of Agrp neurons in the absence of food triggers foraging and repetitive behaviors, which are reverted by food consumption. These stereotypic behaviors that are triggered by Agrp neurons are coupled with decreased anxiety. NPY5 receptor signaling is necessary to mediate the repetitive behaviors after Agrp neuron activation while having minor effects on feeding. I will also present novel data showing the role of these neuropeptidergic signaling modalities in controlling behaviors during development as well as peripheral tissue metabolism.

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  2. Host:

    Gonzalo de Polavieja