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Science Communications Officer

  1. Date: 27.5.2015
  2. Location: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisboa
  3. Employer: Champalimaud Foundation
  4. Job type: Full Time
  5. Position: Science Administration
  6. Application start: 27.5.2015             Application ends: 15.6.2015

  7. Duration
    The Fellowship will have the duration of 12 months, with the possibility of renewal for additional periods, in exclusiveness regime.

    Subject of Activities
    The Science Communications Office for CF Research is looking for a science writer with digital expertise, who combines an understanding of science and an ability to write well, along with skills to design and use online communication tools. This interdisciplinary position involves analyzing scientific data and translating the information into writing, as well as, developing and implementing online tools that can reach a wide range of audiences.
    The role of the Science Communications Officer for CF Research will not only involve the creation of online tools, but also the production and management of online content. Also, this person will be responsible for writing, editing, and formatting of a series of documents such as the annual report and the biannual booklet. Additionally, the Science Communications Officer will work with scientists to prepare press releases about research, awards and events. Finally, this person will support the organization of both scientific and outreach events.

    Experience, Knowledge and Skills
    -Writing skills as a native English speaker;
    -Fluent in Portuguese, both writing and speaking;
    -Experience in website development;
    -Online creative writing (author of blogs, active on social media channels…)
    -Passionate about Science, with a PhD in neuroscience and/or cancer-related topic;
    -Experience in science communication, with a demonstrated ability for independent and creative design and implementation of both internal (e.g. newsletters, intranet…) and external (e.g. websites, social media…) communication tools.
    -Highly organized with good interpersonal skills;
    -Proactive self-starter who can work as part of a busy team;
    -Excellent multi-tasking and time management abilities;
    -Ability to work under pressure.

    Stipend: Monthly fellowship offered for this position is dependent on suitability and experience of the selected candidate and according to the regulations of the Champalimaud Foundation.

    Application Documents: Motivation letter and Curriculum Vitae should be sent by e-mail with the subject: “SciCom LAST NAME” to Catarina Ramos catarina.ramos@neuro.fchampalimaud.org. Only documents in English will be considered.

    Form of advertising/notification of results: The final evaluation results will be sent by email to all applicants, and the approved candidate will be notified by email as well.

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