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Glass Wash and Media Preparation technician

  1. Date: 12.1.2021
  2. Location: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal
  3. Employer: Champalimaud Foundation
  4. Job type: Full Time
  5. Position: Technical
  6. Application start: 12.1.2021             Application ends: 22.1.2021

  7. Champalimaud Foundation (Fundação D. Anna de Sommer Champalimaud e Dr. Carlos Montez Champalimaud), a private, non-profit research institution in Lisbon, Portugal, is looking for a Glass wash and media preparation technician to join our team.

    Call reference:

    GWMPP technician – maternity cover

    1. Work Plan:
    The Glass Wash and Media Preparation Platform provides support to the investigators and laboratories at the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown (CCU) by providing clean and sterilized lab-ware such as glass, plastics and instruments, as well as preparing high quality tissue culture and bacteriological media required for standard research protocols. The main functions of a research technician in the glass wash platform are washing and sterilization of the material used by all research groups and platforms, distribution of the material washed and sterilized; preparation of stock solutions, reagents, culture media and standards for the research laboratories and platforms; organization, collection and replacement of biological and toxic waste containers; training in good practices and biosafety; training in the preparation of reagents, cleaning of freezers, water baths and incubators and cleaning and calibration of bench equipment and cleaning of specific rooms.

    2. Number and type of fellowships or contracts to be awarded:
    1 fellowship

    3. Offered conditions:
    a. Competitive remuneration package commensurate with skills, qualifications and experience
    b. Full immersion into a research excellence ecosystem with highly motivated researchers, supported by state-of-the-art technology and continuous development opportunities.

    4. Maximum allowable duration of the scholarships including the respective renewals
    a. Initial duration: 5 months
    b. Maximum contract duration: 5 months

    5. Expected position starting date:

    6. Source of financing:
    internal funds

    7. Evaluation Committee members:
    Cátia Feliciano, Maria José Vito, Madalena Martins

    8.Candidate Profile:
    a. Minimum qualifications: Bachelor degree
    b. Essential skills: Cleaning and sterilizing glassware, preparation of commonly used media and solutions, sterilization by autoclave and oven, knowledge in good laboratory practices and basic knowledge of Health and Safety in the workplace, updating inventories and databases, organizational skills such as team work, proactiveness, organization, motivated, responsible.
    c. Desirable skills that will also be considered: versatility, good communication skills, fluency in English, flexibility.

    9. Application materials
    a. Minimum: CV and letter of motivation
    b. Proof of qualifications (certificates) may be required at a later date for formalization of the fellowship/contract agreement.

    10. Evaluation and selection criteria (respecting article 37 of Decree-Law No. 63/2019, of 16 May)
    a. Candidates will be screened to determine eligibility based on minimum qualifications listed in call
    b. Candidates meeting minimum requirements will be scored according to required application materials.
    c. Define relative weighting: 70% CV, 30% Letter of interest
    d. When tied, top candidates will be interviewed (in person, or remotely). The result of the interview is then the sole evaluation criteria. If no tie, holding of interviews at discretion of Evaluation Committee (dates: 01/02/2021 to 05/02/2021)
    e. If provided, and if shortlisted, candidates’ referees will be contacted and may count towards evaluation

    11. How to apply
    a. Format: Candidates must complete the standard application form and submit a single annexed .pdf document containing the application materials stated in call.

    12. Notification of results
    a. All candidates will receive a receipt of acknowledgment within 7 days. The highest scoring candidate will be notified by email or telephone. All other candidates will be notified solely by email of the final outcome of the recruitment process.
    b. After being notified, candidates will have 10 working days to present a claim for redress by email (careers@research.fchampalimaud.org). If no claim is received by the Champalimaud Foundation, the Evaluation Committee’s decision will become definitive.

    About Us
    Research is at the heart of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, a modern research and clinical facility situated on the waterfront in Lisbon, Portugal. The goal of Champalimaud Research (CR) is to perform world-leading fundamental and translational research. Current research work is focused on the fields of neuroscience, physiology and cancer. Champalimaud Research comprises a team of over 400 scientists from around the world. English is the official language of the Centre. Lisbon’s sunny Atlantic Mediterranean climate, vibrant culture and high quality of life make this a great place to live and work.

    Relevant Institutional Information
    In line with our community guidelines and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy and Gender Equality Plan, no candidate may be privileged, favored, prejudiced or deprived of any right or excluded from any duty on the basis of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, disability, chronic illness, language, nationality, territory of origin, family status (marital, pregnancy and maternity, having or not having dependents), socioeconomic situation, education, religion, political or ideological beliefs, trade union membership, or on any other grounds which are irrelevant to decision-making.
    HR Excellence in Research

    Legal Notices
    This call may be cancelled at any time on or before the Evaluation Committee’s evaluation of all eligible candidates and the recruitment process shall be concluded on the day of the full execution of the signed agreement between the Champalimaud Foundation and the selected candidate.

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