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Application for a Fish Technician Position

  1. Date: 25.6.2019
  2. Location: Lisboon, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
  3. Employer: Champalimaud Foundation
  4. Job type: Full Time
  5. Position: Technical
  6. Application start: 25.6.2019            

  7. A Call for one Research Technician Fellowship is open at Fundação D. Anna de Sommer Champalimaud e Dr. Carlos Montez Champalimaud (Champalimaud Foundation).

    The fellowship will have the duration of 6 months, with the possibility of renewal for additional periods, in exclusiveness regime, as regulated by the
    Fellowship Regulations of the Champalimaud Foundation.

    Subject of Activities:
    We are seeking a highly motivated research technician to support and assist in the operation and services of the Fish Platform of the Champalimaud Foundation.
    Duties and responsibilities of the appointed candidate include:
    ~ Maintenance of life support systems, fish husbandry and water quality;
    ~ Maintenance of live feed cultures for aquaculture;
    ~ Maintenance of zebrafish and other fish lines;
    ~ Carry out fish crosses for experiments;
    ~ Other tasks relevant for the maintenance and development of high scientific and animal welfare standards of the Fish Platform Program of the Champalimaud Foundation

    Scientific Orientation:
    The successful candidate will integrate the CF Fish Platform team and work under the direct supervision of Ana Catarina Certal.

    Selecting Criteria:
    Candidates must hold a BSc in Life Sciences. Having a personal animal experimentation license and prior experience in a zebrafish facility/research environment is most preferable.
    This is a fulltime position with occasional periods of high demand, requiring effective time management. Postholder will be asked to prioritize efficiently and multitask, without compromising attention to detail.
    The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, organized, efficient, science-driven and technically-oriented and a team worker. A careful eye for detail and strong logical skills are also required. Candidates must be able to communicate effectively in English.

    Monthly Stipend:
    750,00€ – to be paid by bank transfer in the last business day of each month.

    Application Documents:
    Motivation letter, Curriculum Vitae (In English) and contacts of previous
    supervisors should be sent by e-mail with the subject: “FishTech Jun2019”; to (ana.certal@research.fchampalimaud.org) or handed at the Champalimaud Centre for The Unknown,

    Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. All candidates will be notified about the final decision by e-mail.

    Applications will be accepted until position is filled.

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