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Latest News

  1. High-level workshop at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown put forward recommendations for the implementation of Open Science in the EU


    To promote Open Science practice in EU, the European Commission has been taking a series of steps, which include the organisation of the international workshop held at the CCU earlier this week.


  2. What makes a mother risk her life to protect her children


    We developed a new experiment that allows us to study the mother’s defensive behavior either in the presence or the absence of her pups, while at the same time testing whether oxytocin’s action in the amygdala is required for the regulation of this behavior. – Marta Moita


  3. Rethinking the brain's wiring diagram


    “The neocortex is actually a complex network. By mapping out its connections, we hope to understand how this seemingly simple brain area is capable of performing remarkable functions such as thought and language.” – Leopoldo Petreanu.


Latest Publications


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