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Latest News

  1. Zebrafish larvae could be used as “avatars” for the personalized treatment of cancer


    I was always very frustrated about the fact although we have so much technology, we can put people on the moon etc., if someone has a tumor we still don’t know which drug is best for that specific tumor. – Rita Fior


  2. A machine to treat drug-resistant depression


    The Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown (CCU) has acquired an equipment to treat patients with drug-resistant depression. The treatment consists in applying a magnetic field to the brain, which in turns generates electrical currents in the nervous tissue which are known to have a therapeutic impact on depression.


  3. Humans of Science: Roberto Keller


    Who are today’s scientists? Inspired by the project “Humans of New York”, Ar Magazine turns the spotlight on individual humans of science every month.


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