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Latest News

  1. Life of PI: A neuroscientist with a passion for the mathematics of things


    I got a several offers, but I liked Champalimaud – not only the place and the language, but also the way they look at science here, which I found was more fun than in other places. – Gonzalo de Polavieja


  2. Starting to understand why drinking alcohol increases the risk of cancer


    The analysis of blood stem cells provides a window into how alcohol may damage other stem cells in the body, such as those that make the gut and the liver. – Ketan Patel


  3. Scientists reveal the “Lego pieces” that form complex zebrafish movements


    Much like music is made of notes, the complex behaviors of zebrafish larvae, such as hunting or social interactions, are formed from a small set of movements types arranged in specific sequences. – João Marques


Latest Publications


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