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Latest News

  1. An optimal decision-making strategy emerges from non-stop learning


    Unexpected results bring into question which decision-making strategies should be considered as optimal.


  2. National Scientist Day 2020


    Scientists love asking questions… so to celebrate the National Scientist Day, we decided to turn the tables on them and ask them a few revealing questions in return!


  3. Learning what’s dangerous is costly, but social animals have a way of lowering the price


    For social animals, such as humans, being able to recognize the presence of a threat in the behavior of others could literally be a life-saver. Yet, animals do not instinctively know that when a group member displays freezing – one of the three universal defense responses – it means trouble. Now, new findings by the Behavioural Neuroscience Lab demonstrate how animals acquire this ability and identify the neural circuitry crucial for implementing it.


Latest Publications


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